An Italian, a Turk or a Greek? Who doesn’t know the problem: you want to go to a restaurant with friends or even your loved one, but you have no idea where to go. And when a restaurant is found, the agony of choice begins all over again: Do I order a pizza, risotto or the pasta? That’s all over now.

What if you could kill both birds with one stone? If searching was no longer a torture, but fun? This is exactly where the Foodguide app comes into play.
It’s the smartphone guide that turns finding restaurants from a problem to a playful pleasure.

According to a special algorithm, individual dishes are recommended. If you like the dish, simply move it to the right – if not, to the left.
All favorite dishes are saved and you get the information in which restaurant you get the food.

Tadaaa – no more annoying flies, but butterflies in your stomach! Finding new restaurants and dishes can be so beautiful.
And get APPetit?

Download our free Foodguide App here: